F Parent Testimonials
F Thanks for all your kind words. They are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for another incredible year at camp! The girls absolutely love it. They even told my husband last Friday that they'd rather go to camp than Disneyland. Nat specifically said "I'd probably cry if I found out I had to go to Disneyland instead of Decathlon". 
Krissy H.

Some kids count down to Christmas and Halloween; not our son. His countdown is to Decathlon
The Marks Family

This was our first year with Decathlon, and I could not have been more pleased. You run a truly professional organization. Every aspect is top drawer. The energy is over the top; the counselors are so positive – great role models. I loved all the extra touches... Your communications were timely, well organized and easy to read. The drop off and pick up is an example of perfect logistical planning. The Friday activities were great because it mixed things up. The variety of activities was great. I literally cannot think of a bad thing to say.
Thank you! We will be back!
Wendy Brenner

This past year Tommy has blossomed with his love of athletics - did great with soccer... he was a bit of a star running back for his flag football team (first time EVER parents complimented me on my "gifted athlete") and now he is loving baseball. Friends that have know Tommy for years see / hear about him and ask "What on earth happened? thought he was all about books and pokemon?" And I always say, "Decathlon Camp, summer of 2010 - changed my boy for life." You folks really unleashed a love for sports! Now if only you'd drive him to all the practices....

Just a quick note to say, that as always, camp has been amazing this year. I was at a party last night with friends from our school and many parents from both sessions were raving about camp and how great it is for both kids and parents. More importantly, our son used to be afraid of new sports and have major anxiety every season during the school year  - refusing to go to practice for every new sport, crying at every team, every season.  Fast forward 3 years of Decathlon camp and we really feel like you guys have given him so much self-confidence - he couldn't love your camp and now sports in general more. He is a totally different kid who now loves pitching at baseball even in the spotlight. Just wanted you to know you are rocking it! Please keep it going many more years!
Anne M.

I just wanted to thank you for another great summer at camp. My girls loved every minute of it. This was my daughter's 4th summer - she's "Hall of Fame" bound next year. This was my younger daughter's first year. They both just loved camp! I think the real difference maker is what the young man said of your philosophy at the awards - "there are no boring activities - only boring counselors and JCs." And your counselors and JCs are fantastic!! I have sent my kids to many, many camps over the years and yours is the best by far. I not only love the outdoor nature of the camp, but you have the whole thing down to a science. I am so impressed by EVERYTHING - from drop-off and pick-ups to after-camp care to communications to the food options to the activities. It is a well-oiled machine. The kids just love it and as a parent, I love it too. Thank you! See you next summer.
Linda Reed

Thank you very much for another great summer. This is the only camp that my son looks forward to every summer. Your organization and communication make it so easy for parent's to stay in the loop with their happenings at camp and their children while at camp. And my son always raves about his day every single day I pick him up from camp and has so many positive things to say about the activities he's involved in and absolutely enjoys the staff. They are all a great bunch of people - very friendly, very personal with each kid and parent, very encouraging and motivating to the kids....all of which makes a significant difference in his enjoyment at camp. Thank you so much! I can't thank you enough for the amazing experiences you've given my son and his friends these past 4-5 years!
Tiffani Yee Yanagishita

We have planned our summers around Decathlon Sports camp for years. The camp has created such happy, summer memories for our children. They love the fun atmosphere, kooky games and traditions associated with the camp. . My boys play sports during the school year and in the summer we don’t sign them up for competitive league play. Instead they attend Decathlon Sports camp where they continue to stay active, get a break from the competition and have fun. The activities in the camp support their overall athleticism and expose them to new sports. I thought I had died and gone the heaven the first time I picked up my kids from Decathlon Sports Camp. They offer drive through pick up. I am tired after work and was so happy that I did not need to park and spend 10 minutes trying to find my children and collect their belongings. This camp is a parent’s dream come true. One day I had to pick up my son during lunchtime from camp. The director, Rich, was pitching a Wiffle ball baseball game with a large group of kids. To my amazement, he knew the name of every child that came to the plate. His personal touch and commitment to quality make this camp stand out above the rest.
Maureen Bligh

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!...for enabling our daughter to attend camp for the past two weeks.
She's had a blast, loved all the activities, the staff...everything. She'll definitely be back next year..and has already
mentioned her desire to become a counselor when she's age appropriate. Just wanted to let you know how good a job you do and how you've impacted our daughter's summer. As a mom who works full time, all of the information and reminders you send really help me keep on top of things. You guys are the BEST!!!
The Bondar Family
I have been telling other parents for years how much I love your camp.. Every day when I pick my son up he is happy - he has had a great day, and has many things to tell me. He has fun with the other campers and his counselors.. Even in this hot weather he still has energy when I pick him up because you keep the kids hydrated, covered with sunscreen and in the shade when appropriate.
You run a wonderful array of activities from traditional sports to Ro-Sham-Bo tournaments, ping-pong and traditional camp games like Capture the Flag. You keep track of an amazing array of "camp records" including unusual ones like the tallest Jenga tower. You find ways for all kids to be included and have a chance to shine. You find the best counselors around which enables you to run a camp where the kids have fun, feel special and stay safe.
You truly run a world-class operation. I am so pleased that I have been able to send my children to your camp for the last 9 years. Thank you for all you do to provide an outstanding summer experience to so many children!
Judy Mendelsohn

In case I do not have a chance to chat with you this week, I wanted to thank you for another fabulous season. It is hard to believe my son has been at your camp since he was five and we had to go and play handball with him to get him integrated, to now in the blink of an eye, it is "mom do not get out of the car please" and he is a young man. He loved the summer, the home run derbies and The Dollar run are highlights, and this is the first year he has noticed there are girls at the camp. He is talking about being a JCIT, so hope we see you next summer too. Many thanks for the great experiences,
Wendy Lazerson

Never fails; every summer you make me wish I were a kid again. Thanks for all of your efforts to make this camp such a fabulous experience for the kids.
Michelle Rhyu

First let me say that this is an incredibly well-run program: very organized and well planned and your communication with parents is fantastic. Thank you! Secondly, my son has never enjoyed a camp as much as he is enjoying Decathlon. Each day this week when I have picked him up he has told me "what a blast camp is!!" and he has thanked me NUMEROUS times for paying the money to send him. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and for providing my son with such a marvelous experience,
Karen Hill

You are a business person's dream come true! Buttoned up on process, flexible to a degree not often found, and oriented to make me feel as though I'm the paying client as opposed to enrolling my kids in a process that's doing me a big, fat favor!
Thank you, thank you!
Wendy Fess

We are truly grateful for the camp you have created and how well it is run. My husband and I were just talking
earlier this morning about the full spectrum of experiences and life lessons for campers, JCITs and JCs. DSC is a real community service. This will be my daughter's last year as a camper :( She hopes, of course, to return as a JCIT!
Decathlon has been a fantastic experience for her. She shas grown to see herself as an athlete, which includes many facets: overall fitness, team player, positive attitude, diet (healthy and balanced vs. minimal)...Your program has suported all these aspects, and more. Lauren has also made a number of meaningful friendships through camp. See you again in June!
Michelle Giurata

I know we only have been at camp for two days but I have to say I'm very impressed with how well everything runs. The drop off and pick up are a piece of cake, it is very easy to add lunches and most importantly my kids are having a blast!
Thanks for all your hard work!
Kim Harris

I just want to say that this our family's first experience with Decathlon and our daughter has absolutely loved it - pretty sure she'll be going 5 days/week next summer. Everyone I've run into has been courteous and positive and it all seems so well coordinated. Thank you for making our daughter's first half of the summer a very fun one and I appreciate all the hard work you and your staff have put into making this camp fun and successful.
The Bellomo Family

In general my kids have never liked summer camps too much – until Decathlon. My son is loving it! What a great organization you have put together! He even likes the food – I can’t tell how tired I am of making three sack lunches every morning – and now I get the summer off of that –Yippee! Thank you so much for giving my son such an awesome experience.
Lilian Glascock

Thank you for a fantastic four weeks for my son and daughter. They had a super time. Your counselors are wonderful with the children, enthusiastic, friendly and they seem to maintain just the right amount of structure for the kids. I especially appreciated the acknowledgement of their own individual personal bests, My daughter was name - "sportsman of the week" and our son the "wiffle ball home run age group champ". Great memories! Thank you!.
Sheila McWilliams

Another great experience at Decathlon Camp! Every year it gets better. I swear, I don't know how you do it.
Great counselors, fun, excitement. My son is over the moon now that he's in the "Decathlon Hall of Fame."
We'll see you next year.
Vicky Fantuzzi

Just wanted to share our experiences with you so far. As you know, this is our first year at your camp. My son and daughter are having a great time. I was initially concerned that my daughter may not like too much sports activities, but she is loving it. Both get up excited every morning and look forward to coming to camp. Even on days that they are tired and I offer that they can stay at home, they both protest and not only want to go, but also they never want to be late, since they may miss out on some activity! And as a parent, I have found your system to be very organized, you have very nice counselors, the food program is a god send (I hate making lunches & snacks everyday) and all around the camp is perfect. I only wish that I had found out about your camp years ago. Thank you!
Moni Sohrabi

I am always so incredibly impressed by your camp and the organization. ALL summer camps should be run just as yours! Well done. Thanks!
Lisa Kearns

I want to take the time to tell you how blown away I am at the organization and communication that has happened prior to camp starting and throughout our 2 weeks here so far. Our daughter loves the camp and I am so impressed with all you do with the kids. I arrived home tonight with a call from her camp counselor Megan and that is such a great touch. Nice to hear from her counselor directly as we don't see them at drop off and pick up (which is SO organized and EASY, especially when I have a 2 year old in the car). We didn't get into first session this summer and so we tried (another camp) which we will not repeat. After this experience at Decathlon, and I know we are only 2 weeks in, this is the right fit. Thanks again for everything and making the summer fun, active and a learning experience for my daughter. She went to bed doing those lanyards! She loves them.
Deirdre Dougherty

Thank you for another spectacular summer of Decathlon Sports. My kids get so much out of your camp – but what amazes me most is how they can be made to feel so special individually, while still also feeling like they are part of something so uch bigger than they are. It’s a wonderful little community atmosphere, with each person being a vital part of keeping the community happy and healthy and constructive. Thank you!
Betsy Diaz

I just wanted to thank you again for running a great camp this summer. My daughter absolutely loved the camp. It really increased her self esteem and confidence before she went into the new school year and playing AYSO. Our son also really enjoyed the camp. The counselors were outstanding! We hope to see you again next summer.
Hanna George

Thanks for making our son's first summer at Decathlon camp so memorable and fun. He did attend a few other camps after Decathlon and said his favorite summer thing was Decathlon camp by far, and he can't wait to go back next year. We are looking forward to it, what a wonderfully run camp.
April Glatt

Thank YOU for 8 wonderful years of camp. Our boys are now "aged out" and we have to look for alternatives...Our son had a great year this year...your camp is well run and is perfect for the family who wants to stay local and not have an "intense" summer.
The Godfrey Family

We wanted you to you all to know that your camp completely turned our daughter around in sports. She had a blast, learned very much and has already requested to be in both camp sessions next summer. "Yes", and "yes" was our answer.
Scott and Kari Brown

Thanks again for another GREAT year! I am so happy that my kids are able to have such fun (traditional) summer memories!!!!!! They really grow a lot during camp and get to relate with so many people, it’s fantastic!!!
The Alftins

In general my kids have never liked summer camps too much – until Decathlon. My son is loving it! What a great organization you have put together! He even likes the food – I can’t tell how tired I am of making three sack lunches every morning – and now I get the summer off of that –Yippee! Thank you so much for giving my son such an awesome experience.
Lilian Glascock

Just wanted to give you some "first time camper" feedback. This is Brian's first year at Decathlon and I am kicking myself for not joining the Decathlon camp years ago. I can't tell you how excited Brian is to be there! He gets up early to be ready and pack his backpack. He talks about his day non-stop. He is already bummed that he can't make the Wall of Fame because he doesn't have enough years to go since he already missed the first 3 years. It helps to be with his best friend, AJ, but even on the days AJ doesn't go, Brian is totally psyched to get there. You may not believe this, but Brian is normally shy and doesn't like to do group activities, and wouldn't normally go anywhere without a good buddy. He comes alive with sports, especially baseball (wiffleball). Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful environment. Your camp is incredibly well organized. I loved the communication prior to camp, the emails, the postcards, everything. Maureen H. told me you guys are awesome. She was right!! Thanks a ton. And keep the lunchtime wiffle ball games going!
Vicki Knapp